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VS60 Power Tool switch 16A18V
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VS60 Power Tool switch 16A18V
Product name:VS60 Power Tool switch 16A18V
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VS60 series ON-OFF Trigger switch
Model: VS60
Electrical rating: DC 16A 18V

Rated battery voltage: 7.2~18V

Characteristics: VS60 series is a very compact switch, integrates ON-OFF function, reverse function, sliding rheostat, anode circuit control, and the electric rate is DC 18V 16A, it is very suitable for drills, screw drivers in DC 14.4V, 12V, 10.8V, 9.6V, 7.2V.
1. ON-OFF function; 
2. Running direction reversing function;
3. Lock-off in middle position of reversing lever;
4. Integrated sliding rheostat;
5. Anode circuit control;
6. Pass UL, CUL safety certificates;
7. Pass 1E5 cycles mechanical and electrical test; 
8. Additional input/output wires, signal wire, battery clamp or LED indicating light for your choice.

Application: Cordless power tools, such as drills, screw drivers in DC 14.4V, 12V, 10.8V, 9.6V, 7.2V etc.

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