The mosques where the Moslems pray are significant buildings with their minarets, courtyards with the fountain and domes. The minarets are the towers where the call for prayers are made. At the fountain in the courtyard people wash before prayers. In the domed interior, covered by rugs and carpets, the ritual of praying takes place. There is a niche indicating the direction of Mecca next to which is a pulpit with stairs where the imam makes a speech on special days.
    The word cami means a place for meeting. The mosques are of different sizes depending on the population of the district. The mosques are open to visitors with no entrance fee. However, as in all religious buildings, you have to abide by certain rules during your visit. For example, the visits should be arranged at times when the worshippers will not be disturbed; shoes must be taken off before entering and suitable clothes should be worn. Especially during summer months, to avoid any awkward incidents due to your outfits, you can get one of the covers available at the entrance. During the prayers at religious holidays, funerals and on Fridays, mass prayers are observed, resulting in large attendance at the mosques; therefore these times are not suitable for a visit.
    The Old Mosque at Paspatur was built during the Ottoman period, constructed in the 18th century. It was damaged during the earthquake in 1957 and was repaired later. The New Mosque in the center is the largest one in Fethiye. The offices of the mufti is located next to this mosque. In addition to these, there are mosques you can visit in all the areas of settlement in Fethiye.
    The Fethiye Museum is the center of the town with archaeological and ethnographical sections. Early Lycian, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzanthian ands Ottoman works of art and samples of handcrafts typical to the region are exhibited here. The museum is open every day except Mondays. At the entrance of the museum books in various languages especially on archaeological and historical subjects are offered for sale.
    The Public Library is located in the building next to the Fethiye Museum. It is open during office hours where you can find books, magazines and encyclopedias published in various languages.